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Aerial Course

Tree top trekking has exploded on the market as an exciting, challenging activity that gets you outdoors and unplugged from the world of technology.

Indoor Trekking (Aerial Course), much like our other activities harnesses the skills required for developing awareness and wellness. Physically, mentally, emotionally and socially challenging it is a well rounded, enjoyable activity.

Aerial Courses have many health benefits including:

  • Cardio Strengthening elevated heart rate increases blood flow to the muscles and brain
  • Increases Flexibility / Builds Bone Mass - stretching, jumping, climbing in short bursts of activity
  • Balance Strengthening - the courses move, twist and turn out from under you, challenging your stability
  • Muscle and Agility Building your legs, core, arms and back are worked and stretched to maneuver through the courses
  • Mentally Strengthening 25ft up in the air, moving through the increasingly more difficult courses forces you to overcome any fears
  • Social and Group Benefits Very few people trek alone. With the idea being to share the experience and cheer each other along. Beyond that, our staff are there to provide encouragement and provide direction and instruction to the participants.

Min Height of 44" Tall and Maximum of 300lbs for Access

  • Safety Orientation required prior to participating

Safety Requirements Download Waiver