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Bungee Harness Trampolines

Our trampolines are one of the safest systems in the country!

At Jack's we put safety first. Our jumping system is a multiple bed, Bungee Harness style. Unlike most parks our trampoline is TSSA regulated This means it is 100% fully inspected everyday before use. The entire system combines harnesses, bungees and pulleys to ensure safety. It is engineer approved before and after installation, then TSSA inspected, regulated and approved. We have Certified Bungee Harness Trampoline mechanics and instructors that train our staff, and we operate it with one guest to one staff ratio - always...It is designed to allow the jumper to reach great heights, do flips and aerials while in a safe, controlled and fully supervised environment and the entire area is fenced in to prevent other guests form entering the jumping area.

Trampolining has grown from something that only athletes and gymnasts use, to widespread public use, with one in every other family backyard, and numerous fitness clubs. Since the sport’s debut at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Canada has won multiple Olympic medals! A quality trampoline can offer the user a safe, supportive, low impact exercise platform. They offer 80% less impact than jogging or running and in turn have a lower chance of impact related injuries to joints and bones.

Trampoline exercise has many important health benefits including:

  • Stimulates your metabolism - a 10 minute session of jumping is equivalent to a 30 min run and 68% more effective
  • Improves your sense of balance – coordination and balance are improved by the continuous change of motion
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness - increases levels of oxygen circulation to your heart and brain
  • Firms and tones the muscles – almost all of your muscle groups are used to maintain control and posture against the force of the bounce and gravity
  • Increased lymphatic movement – a big part of your body’s immune system is lymphatic fluid, the system has no pump and requires movement to dispose of waste to the liver, lungs and skin clearing the body of toxins.

Min Height of 40" Tall and Maximum of 200 lbs for Access

  • Requires Jack’s socks
  • Individually bungee harnessed participants

Safety Requirements Download Waiver