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Leap of Faith

Full body harness, helmet, auto-belay control jump from a 30 foot high double sided tower. We offer two objects to jump towards: a thick climbing rope and a heavy duty punching bag - both are suspended several feet from the platform your standing on. This activity is rewarding, challenging and worthy of bragging rights.

Aside from the enjoyment, it does have many health benefits, making it a must have for our business.

Health Benefits Include:

  • Mentally challenging - trusting your life to the equipment stepping off the platform
  • Emotionally strengthening - overcoming the fear of height, and gaining from the sense of accomplishment
  • Increased heart rate & blood flow - the fear, the adrenaline, all add up to heart pumping excitement
  • Adrenaline Rush Therapy increased activity in the adrenal gland significantly decreases levels of pain and anxiety

Maximum of 300lbs for Access

Safety Requirements Download Waiver