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Slack lining

Slacklines are growing in popularity due to the many health and enjoyment factors.

Essentially it is walking between two points across a flat strap (1 - 2 wide), suspended above the ground. It is much like a tightrope, without a balance pole.

Slackline training is a must for many types of sport and health training. Balance, focus and core strength builds positionary sense.

Slack lining has many important health benefits including:

  • Develops Balance - the slightest movement off centre causes you to fall
  • Improves Core Strength - a strong core is a must to hold your body still
  • Improves Posture - a tall, straight stance is the only way to stay balanced and prevent falling
  • Full Body Workout - much like yoga, all your muscle groups are put to the test to hold the slow fluid movement
  • Meditative - constant focus and concentration placing one in a deep state of awareness
  • Improves Focus And Coordination - knowing your exact position and balance point and maintaining these while moving builds your coordination and confidence.

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