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Our two person, 25 ft high Double Zipline is an impressive sight. Like the outdoor ones this is a TSSA regulated ride. We inspected the entire structure and all equipment each day before use. Its also exhilarating and unique making it a great addition to the adventure park. In case that wasn't enough we added a level of challenge to it. Ever played zipline target practice? My personal best is 3 in row - whats yours? Come try for yourself!

The health benefits from this exhilarating activity include:

  • Mentally challenging - trusting your life to the equipment stepping off the platform
  • Emotionally strengthening - overcoming the fear of height, and gaining from the sense of accomplishment
  • Increased heart rate & blood flow - the fear, the adrenaline, all add up to heart pumping excitement
  • Adrenaline Rush Therapy increased activity in the adrenal gland significantly decreases levels of pain, anxiety and stress

Min Height of 44" Tall, Minimum of 60 lbs - Maximum of 250 lbs for Access

**appropriate footwear; closed toe indoor footwear**

  • Safety Orientation required prior to participating
  • Must be physically capable to participate unassisted
  • All safety equipment provided by Jack's must be worn to participate

Safety Requirements Download Waiver