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Zorbing is new to North America with its roots in New Zealand. It has a growing foothold and will soon become widely known as a must try activity. We are proud to offer the first of its kind, indoor, full size zorbing ball arena.

At 3 METERS tall the balls are an impressive and inviting sight, thatís sure to explode in popularity after we open our doors. Much more than just a toy, zorbing balls are big, heavy grown up fun thatís challenging and exhilarating.

After extensive research we sourced a company that can build our zorbing balls from a type of plastic that gives off no VOCís, and is resistant to oils and staining, providing the highest level of safety to our customers

Zorbing is not just limited to fun, health benefits include:

  • Muscle Building - moving, controlling, and stopping the balls is a huge workout for your leg, core, shoulders and back muscles
  • Cardio Strengthening - challenging, heart pumping exercise with the ability to set your own pace
  • Low Impact On Joints - with 16Ē of air cushion under your feet, there's far less impact compared to similar activities like jogging or running
  • Improved Balance - maintaining an upright stance while inside a rolling ball takes continuous movement, and correcting of your position and posture challenging your coordination
  • Adrenaline Rush Therapy - increased activity in the adrenal gland significantly lowers levels of pain and anxiety
  • Sense of Accomplishment - rare opportunities in life offer the chance to do something that is a one of a kind activity, this is no exception.

Maximum of 300 lbs for Access

  • Requires Jack's socks

Safety Requirements Download Waiver