Jack’s Urban Jungle, youth programs that challenge the status quo.

Our eight-week program, is geared towards children ages 8 to 15. Activities are custom designed to encourage teamwork, build confidence and self-esteem while providing an active fitness experience. Developed and lead by our industry-trained, knowledgeable and passionate staff, our goal is to ensure that all participants have a rewarding, memorable and safe experience. Participants will receive a certificate of achievement at the end of the program.

Due to demand we are now opening two new Tuesday sessions.

Spaces limited.

NEW Tuesday Sessions

Ages: 8 - 15

Date: 8 Weeks (Tuesday, November 27th - to Tuesday, January 29th, 2019). No December 25th or January 1st class.

Time Slot 1: 5:30 - 7:00PM

Time Slot 2: 7:30 - 9:00PM

Cost: $150 +HST (Family discount of $10 per additional child)

Capacity: 30




Program Plan

Week 1 & 5: Building Confidence, One Step at a Time

  • Warm-up
  • J-Walk
  • Leap-Faith
  • Cool-down

Week 2 & 6: Cardio, Communication and Competition

  • Warm-up
  • Cargo Net
  • Obstacle Course
  • Zorbing Ball Arena
  • Cool-down

Week 3 & 7: Leadership, Building the branches

  • Warm-up
  • The Tree
  • Face-off
  • Cool-down

Week 4 & 8: Self-esteem, the Skies the Limit

  • Warm-up
  • Aerial Challenge Course
  • Double Zipline
  • Cool-down


What does my child require to participant?

Every guest in our building is required to sign a waiver, which can be done online prior to their first visit or on-site. Participants require closed-toed clean running shoes and long hair must be tied up.

Do I have to stay with my child?

Parents or guardians are not required to stay during activities. However, we do encourage parents to stay and enjoy the experience. Our facility has a lounge area for your comfort with free Wi-Fi. All activities have built-in viewing areas where you can watch, take pictures and cheer your child on. Drop-off cannot occur more then 15 minutes prior to the class and children must be pick-up no later than 15 minutes after the class.

When do we have to register?

You must register in the program no later than the program start date. If you miss this date please contact us. If there are spaces still available in the program we may be able to accommodate you.

Will my child be supervised?

Yes. The program is lead by designated, knowledgeable staff members. We have staff on site who are certified in Standard First Aid, AED/CPR Level C and require a vulnerable sector check. In addition, they receive in-depth, industry certified, safety training on all our equipment.

Are there rules my child must follow?

Yes. All participants must at all times listen to the staff and stay in the group. Jack’s Urban Jungle is a positive, supportive environment where we encourage motivation and work together to succeed. There is a no bullying behavior, inappropriate language or aggression allowed at any time.

Is there water or food on-site?

Of course! We have a snack bar with bottled water, Gatorade, protein bars, fruit and other items. We also have a free water bottle refill station in the park.